Sale and Leaseback

The ongoing upheavals within the NHS are encouraging many older GPs to consider retirement. Where surgeries are owned by the Partners, there may be an option for the remaining Partners to buy out the retiring Partner’s share. Recruitment problems can be exacerbated by a reluctance (or inability) by a younger in-coming GP to raise finance to buy out that Partner’s share.

One option is to sell the freehold and take a leaseback of the building. We have had success in assisting GPs to realise the value of their asset, sometimes surpassing expectations on price.

The sale of premises can be a sensitive issue and is one which needs to be handled discreetly at times. We work closely with our clients to vet potential purchasers, the highest bidder not always being the best of future Landlords.

Prior approval of NHS England is required in advance of any sale. The economic landscape within the NHS requires a knowledge of the terms of the lease which are likely to be acceptable and we have a sound track record of achieving a smooth transition from property-owner to Tenant.

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We have recently moved into a new, purpose built surgery after many years of searching for a suitable site. Our next task was trying to find a good, Specialist Surveyor to advise us on all the regulations regarding room layout, size, health and safety etc etc.

Rosemary Jones came highly recommended by another Practice in Hertfordshire and the whole project has been overseen and managed with considerable expertise from start to finish by her and her team.

The firm have been supportive, easily accessible, full of useful information and extremely knowledgeable throughout the programme, dealing with challenging problems with an expertise which has left us with a Surgery to be proud of and ongoing support since completion.

As the project progressed Paul Mayhew was bought in to support Rosemary. They have always been very accessible for advice on the telephone, recommending equipment, lighting, furniture, paint etc etc

Invicta Chartered Surveyors and their team are definitely a firm I would highly recommend to any Doctor’s Surgery contemplating a new surgery development.

They have been worth every penny we have spent, and supported us through what could have been an even more stressful period.

Dr A P Jackson
Sheepcot Medical Centre, Watford

Sheepcot Medical Centre

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